Our team combines deep technological knowledge and project management expertise to create a true partner for reliable, sustainable energy solutions. Interested?

A company’s most valuable asset is the expertise, passion and commitment of its people, who ultimately determine its success. By drawing from the ranks of SNC-Lavalin and ABB employees, Linxon already has a head start on the competition.

SNC-Lavalin and ABB are committed to making a positive impact in communities around the world, with projects that not only inspire our people, but help to build better lives wherever we do business. Our people include Site workers, technicians, engineers, Sales & marketing, project managers and functional support experts who use their knowledge, skills and talent to ensure a better future for everyone, locally and internationally.

Their shared expertise, passion and commitment to customer success help to set us apart and forge long-term partnerships, creating an environment in which employees can develop and thrive. This strengthens our capabilities and helps us to effectively deliver the most complex projects.

Linxon vacancies are advertised on both the SNC-L careers site and the Atkins careers site – if you search for vacancies using the key word Linxon, our current vacancies will be visible for you to apply to.

Add your talent and ambition to the Linxon team, and become part of the future!

For information, please contact:

Patrizia Napoli
Head of Resource and Talent Management

Open positions at Linxon:

Job role


Operations Manager Vasteras, Sweden
HSE Manager Vasteras, Sweden
Project Manager Vasteras, Sweden
Sales Manager Baden, Switzerland
Legal Counsel Baden, Switzerland
Senior Project Engineer Kosice, Slovakia
Lead Engineer Baden, Switzerland
Lead Engineer Vasteras, Sweden
Project Engineer Chennai, India
Senior Project Engineer Chennai, India
Project Cost Controller – Stone, Uk Stone, UK
Project Cost Controller – Sweden Vasteras, Sweden
Administration & Accounts Executive Chennai, India
Designer (Drafting Specialist) India Chennai, India
Senior Designer (BIM) Chennai, India
Tendering Manager Baden, Switzerland


Linxon vacancies are advertised on both the SNC-L careers site and the Atkins careers site – if you search for vacancies using the key word Linxon, our current vacancies will be visible for you to apply to.